My name is Kathleen McDonald. I am the owner and clinician at Courageous Connections Counseling & Consulting. This blog is meant to share knowledge that I have gathered and knowledge that I would like to share. My aim is to provide resources, information and support for anyone who is on their journey to healing.

What is healing????

  • Healing means many things to many people….
    • Acceptance
    • Love
    • Self-love
    • Resilience
    • Understanding
    • Openness
    • Forgiveness
    • Empathy
    • Knowledge

Everyone has their own path to healing. I believe it is through understanding and processing your own story that you heal from your hardships.

As a clinician I am here to walk with people on their healing journey.

As you take this journey, I would be honoured to be your co-pilot!

What’s a Co-Pilot??:

  • Someone to be with you while you take your journey
  • Someone to have in your corner
  • Someone to hold the wheel in a moment where you lose control
  • Someone to provide another viewpoint of the world
  • Someone to be there…. through the turbulence

If you are looking for a co-pilot I would be happy to connect with you.

If you are looking for some online resources and ways to connect with others stay tuned for future blogs focusing on connection, relationship, resources and skills!

Have questions please feel free to contact me!

Published by Courageous Connections

Courageous Connections provides clinical services for children, youth and families.

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